Club Championship 2020


The Championship for 2020 will be run mainly on trails and include midweek and weekend races. The races cover a variety of distances and terrain.

To Provide consistency, only the series coordinator will provide interpretations of the rules, scoring and other matters. The series coordinator’s decision will be final.

The series coordinator for 2020 is Kevin Murray.

  • The Grand Prix will only be open to full members of Falkland Trail Runners who have paid their membership fee for 2020‑21 not later than 31st May 2020. Members will automatically be registered but they can opt out of participation by informing the Grand Prix coordinator.
  • Those members who are also members of another running club may enter the Championship but must enter as FTR in all of the Championship events that they run.
  • Points will only be awarded for events where your name matches your registration with Falkland Trail Runners.
  • Points will only be awarded for events where you declare your club as “Falkland Trail Runners”.
  • You do not have to wear your official club vest/top while competing in any of the counting events but it would be nice if you do.
  • You can compete in as many counting events as you wish but you must complete a minimum of 8 events in order to be considered for an award.
  • Age for category purposes will be the runners age at the time of the first race (11/01/20).


  • Runners will get ‘position’ points based on their result:
    1. 1st Male runner gets 50 points, 2nd 49, 3rd 48, etc.
    2. 1st Female runner gets 50 points, 2nd 49, 3rd 48, etc.
  • Position points from a maximum of 8 events will count. If a runner gets position points for more than 8 events, their best 8 will count.
  • In addition, runners in the following age categories will receive bonus  points for each race they run in as follows: F45 + 1point, F50 +2, F55 +3, F60 +4 F65 +5 etc. M45 +1 Point, M50 +2, M55 +3, M60 +4, M65 +5 etc. Bonus points will only be counted on a runners best 8 event scores.
  • The total points for each runner will be their position points plus their bonus points.


  • The top 3 Male and Female runners will receive Awards.
  • The Top runner in the following categories will receive awards: Junior, Senior, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65,etc
  • Runners can only win one prize. If one of the overall awards is won by an age grouper, then the 2nd placed runner in that age group will receive the age group award.*
  • In the event of a tie we will look at the head to head results between the 2 runners. The Runner with the higher cumulative score in head to head races wins.


  • Runners who compete in 8 races will receive a Bronze Championship medal
  • Runners who compete in 14 races will receive a Silver Championship medal
  • Runners who compete in 19 races will receive a Gold Championship medal
  • Runners who compete in 21 races will receive a Special Award
  • Only 1 medal will be awarded per qualifying runner.
  • Medals will be in addition to any other Championship Awards.


Within the main Championship we will have an integrated King & Queen of the Mountains Competition.

The 5 hill races will score as normal within the main Championship and in addition we shall have these races as a separate mini Championship.

  • Points coring is the same as the main Championship
  • Best 4 scores only are counted. (you only have to compete in 4 of the 5 events)
  • There will be no age category prizes. The top 3 males and top 3 Females will receive prizes
  • The first female will receive a special Queen of the Mountains trophy. The first male will receive a special King of the Mountains trophy

Please note that all of the races shown in BOLD are provisional dates. These will be updated as soon as official dates are announced.

JAN 1 Sat 11/01/2020 Meedies Parkrun 3.0M 09:30 Trail
FEB 2 Sat 15/02/2020 Loch Leven Parkrun 5K 09:30 Trail
MAR 3 Sun 22/03/2020 Gartmorn 6 10K 10:30 Trail
APR 4 Wed 08/04/2020 St Andrews 5K 5K 19:30 Grass
5 Sat 11/04/2020 Birnam Hill race 6.6K 12:00 Hill KOM
6 Sat 25/04/2020 Normans Law Hill Race 4.25 Miles 15:00 Hill/Trail KOM
MAY 7 Wed 06/05/2020 Strathkinness – Blebocraigs 7.2K 19:30 Road/Trail
8 Thur 21/05/2020 Kinnoull Hill Race 4.00 Miles 19:30 Hill KOM
JUN 9 Wed 03/06/2020 Hill of Tarvit 5.50 Miles 19:30 Trail
10 Fri 05/06/2020 Templeton Trail Race 6.00 Miles 19:00 Trail
11 Sun 28/06/2020 Benarty Trail Race 5.00 Miles 14:30 Trail
JUL 12 Sun 12/07/2020 Crieff 10K 10K 11:00 Trail
13 Wed 15/07/2020 Newburgh Trail Race 4.25 Miles 19:30 Trail
AUG 14 Wed 12/08/2020 Caerketton Hill Race 3.5 Miles 19:30 Hill KOM
15 Thur 13/08/2020 Balmullo Trail Race 7.8K 19:30 Trail
SEP 16 Sun 06/09/2020 Gartmore 10K 10K 13:00 Trail
17 Sun 27/09/2020 East Neuk 10k 10K 11:00 Road/Trail
OCT 18 Sat 10/10/2020 Camperdown Parkrun 5K 09:30 Trail
19 Sat 24/10/2020 Oriam Parkrun 5K 09:30 Trail
NOV 20 Sun 08/11/2020 Silvery Tay 7.5K 11:05 Trail
21 Sat 14/11/2020 Largo Law Hill Race 6.00 Miles 12:30 Hill KOM


Championship after Round 2:

2020 Female Champs after 22020 Male Champs after 2

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