Committee Members

Kevin Murray


Kevin regularly helps other runners to achieve PBs at a variety of (mostly modest) distances. We are never sure if it is because he enjoys encouraging (shouting at) others or if it is simply the closest that he gets to a PB nowadays…


Nessie Kirkbride

Vice Chairman

A long-standing member of the club and the committee Nessie is hoping that 2023 will see her return to full running fitness and to finally complete her last Munros.


Laura Robertson


Laura has just stepped into the Treasurer role, she has been a regular member of the club for a number of yeras and can usually be found encouraging the “party at the back”.


Jim Close


Membership Co-ordinator

The “voice” of many club events, Jim is a high octane presence and a welcome addition to any social gathering. His many years experience in running club admin makes him an essential part of the team.


Mike (Mad Dog) Murdoch

Committee Member

Mike arrived at Falkland via a few years on the Highland Games circuit. You don’t want to be chasing him down with 800m to go in any race as he still has an extra gear.

We all look forward to Mike’s legendary performances at the end of any social gathering.


Brian Cruickshank

Former Club Chairman and founder member of the Psyco Squirrels.

Brian is still a more than decent runner and regularly wins prizes in local races, he passes on his many decades of knowledge in training.

If you had to describe Brian with just a few words I suspect that eccentric might be one of them. Club regulars may (if they are very lucky) get to hear Brian sing one of his extensive repertoire of songs……….


Tony (Auld Grey) Martin

Committee Member

Tony is a founder member of the club. He is still a fantastic runner and generally wins his age category in most events (as well as finishing ahead of any other number of category winners in the process.

Tony has represented Scotland on a number of occasions in recent years. Tony is an encouraging and engaging coach.


David Pease

David has recently retired and so joins the ranks of “full time athletes” in the club. 2023 will see him reach new heights with the Psycho Skwerlz.


Alan Gardener

Alan is a veteran of both the military and many running events all over Scotland. Although he has to manage his varied army sourced injuries he still clocks up a surprising amount of events each year


Sandra Gardener

Sandra’s running is going from strength to strength at the moment. It will be interesting to see if those PBs keep tumbling in 2023…


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