We might not be the most elegant bunch in the world generally but we do have some cracking merchandise.

We don’t stand on ceremony and we have a variety of club gear. We have a variety of kit which can be worn in races/training/down the pub etc.

Official Gear

You can see the designs and the current stock holding. Stock items can be purchased from Jim or Maureen at training on Thursdays.

(All garments are the same colour they have just been pictured under different conditions…)

Merch 23 11

Brian’s Merchandise:

Brian has this product made to order and as such only places orders 3 times a year or so.

T-shirts and Vests can be Blue or Pink. Initially the blue was for boys and pink for girls but both colours have caught on and lots of the guys have pink and vise versa. These tops really have impact and always provide a talking point with runners from other clubs and at Parkrun etc.

£22 each regardless of colour or style. See Brian to place an order.

Brian Merch


Mike’ Merchandise:

Mike can supply various items as shown below.

The Camo t-shirts can be Blue or Pink for male or female. The Vests are blue for male or female and the pink vests are ladies only. These look great in real life and have proven to be really popular.

The Hoodies are unisex.

Contact Mike direct to order. Items are manufactured locally and generally only take a week or two to arrive.

Mike Merch

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