Bill Duff Trophy

Bill Duff

The Bill Duff Trophy

Bill Duff is the clubs official “Living Legend”. In 2017 Bill set out to compete in 100 races during the calendar year. Races mind…. not Parkruns, if he didn’t have a race number the event wasn’t counted. Bill eventually managed an astonishing 115 races! Not bad for someone who has been collecting his pension for a few years already.

Bill has very kindly donated a trophy to the club and this will be awarded to the runner who competes in the largest number of races each year. Even kinder Bill has barred himself from the competition otherwise he would be picking up his own trophy.

How it works:

Qualifying events are official races over any distance. Participants must be given a race number.

Parkruns, canicross, obstacle races, triathalons, duathalons and other similar events will not be counted.

The competition is over 1 calendar year (1st Jan 2019 – 31st December 2019).

Participants should submit a record of their races to Susie Harley at the end of the year. These will then be verified and a winner announced in January.

WINNER 2018:- Bryan Innes

WINNER 2019: Susanne Lumsden

WINNER 2022: Sandra Gardener

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