We have club training on a Thursday Night. We meet at the Falkland Community Hall for a 6:30pm start.

Falkland Community Hall

Full Directions

We do most of our running in the scenic surroundings of the Falkland Estate. Ground conditions can vary enormously due to weather or time of year so we don’t plan the details of our sessions too far in advance. Quite often we need to make a decision on the night.

Sessions are varied; we do Fartlek sessions, Team trail runs, Paarleuf sessions, Hill training, Speed sessions etc. Once a month during the winter we have our “Traybake Timetrial”. This is run round a set distance in Falkland village. It is a good measure of how your winter training is going… Entry is a chocolate bar which is then melted down into a traybake and eaten after the next timetrial.

We encourage our runners to work hard during the training sessions and where it is practical we split into groups based on ability. No-one gets left behind.

After training we have a chat, stretching session and tea/coffee/juice and cake. We encourage members to contribute cakes where they can. (we have some great bakers in the group).



There is a run on Tuesday evenings. This is a more sedate affair than our other runs and can be a great introduction to trail running. The sessions are held in a variety of places. Please join our FaceBook page where the run leader will post up the details each week.


SUNDAY RUN (AKA Trail Sunday)

Sunday trail runs generally start in Falkland. Please join our FaceBook page where the run leader will post up the details each week. The Sunday runs are generally a group trail run usually covering between 5 and 8 miles. The group will agree the proposed route on the day taking into account the weather conditions and the ability of the group.


WET AND DARK (Winter is coming….)

All club sessions take place throughout the entire year. In Autumn and Winter we usually run in the dark (and in the rain, hail, sleet and snow). A good headtorch is essential. Please ensure that you invest in one. Generally any good rechargeable running headtorch is suitable but if you are not sure then we will be happy to provide guidance on what to buy.


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